Match-day Preparation

Listed below is a 'to-do' guide in preparation for match-day

  1. Arrive at Rocklands after agreeing with opposition coach for your kick off time, ( which you should arrange during the week).

  2. You will need to arrive earlier than kick off to set pitch up and make sure it’s marked out.

  3. Head to container and get corner flags and anything else you need, if you don’t have a respect barrier lined out down the side of the pitch then you will need cones or a long string line, place fa board near to your pitch for everyone to read.

  4. Get goals ready and make sure nets are ok and goals are secured to the ground, if you using the metal ones they should be fine just sitting on the ground.

  5. When opposing coach turns up exchange team sheets.

  6. You will receive a text from (full time) during the game asking for score, text the score threw as soon as you can after the game with the score.

  7. Then when you get home you have 72 hours to fill the match day app in on your phone , make sure this is done otherwise club will get fined.

  8. Filling in the match day app just full in the gaps that it asked you too.