Club Ethos

Rocklands Youth FC Ethos

Provide football to children of all ages and ability in a safe and friendly environment.

  • Deliver age appropriate coaching.
  • Offer a challenging but supportive environment where children can learn and develop from their mistakes without pressure or worry.
  • Promote good behaviour by all and respect for others.

Coaching Philosophy

Coaches aims

  • Provide age appropriate coaching in a safe, friendly environment.
  • Develop the whole player using the four corners of the Football Association LTPD model. Social, psychological, physical, technical cover.

Role of the Coach

  • Mentor – listen to players, advise and extend their thinking.
  • Motivate – Set age appropriate challenges.
  • Friend – Set the environment, Friendly, Fun, Fair.
  • Facilitator – Allow players to express themselves.

Good Coach

  • Encourages players to try new things.
  • Supports and inspires through practice and game time.
  • Understand each child as unique.
  • Puts the child and their needs at the centre of all activity.
  • Communicates using age appropriate language and technique.